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M Management is the leading suppliers of well renowned Models, Dancers, Choreographers and Stylists (Clothing, Hair and Make-up).
M Management specializes in representing models, dancers and other fields as mentioned above in this ever changing fashion industry. They represent all races, genders and ages. They serve as a bridge between the Industries that is always in need of well groomed, talented, presentable Models & Artists that are up to the task.
They give Model & Artist training, and also arrange photo-shoots with well acclaimed photographers from which quality portfolios are built. They also have M studio located in the heart of BOW in EAST LONDON, which can be HIRED.
They have a broad experience in co-ordinating events for fashion shows, awards, beauty pageants, seminars, and any type of ‘dos’ that clients may want to make happen. They can provide our services as a package-Models, Dancers, Choreographers, Fashion Stylist, Make-up Artists & Event-Co-ordinators - if their Client so wish.

Suite G1 Bow House 153-159 Bow Road London E3 2SE United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 8981 9667
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