Nylon is an American magazine that focuses on pop culture and fashion. Its coverage includes art, beauty, music, design, celebrities, technology and travel. The name Nylon derives from the magazine's often featured articles on "self-willed sibling-cities New York and London".

Nylon was co-founded by ex-Ray Gun publishers Marvin Scott Jarrett & Jaclynn Jarrett, Ray Gun Editorial Director Mark Blackwell, American entrepreneur Michael "Mic" Neumann, and supermodel Helena Christensen. Christensen is no longer involved with the magazine. The Executive Editor for the magazine is currently Stephanie Trong who also holds the same position for Nylon Guys Magazine.

Past cover models have included: The Horrors, Lily Allen, Paris Hilton, The Kills, Christina Aguilera, Camilla Belle, Karen O, Mary-Kate Olsen, Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Stewart, Rachel Bilson, Scarlett Johansson, Mischa Barton, Christina Ricci, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen, The White Stripes, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Megan Fox, Zac Efron, Hilary Duff, and Lindsay Lohan. The first person to ever grace the cover of Nylon was Liv Tyler in April 1999.

Some contents of the magazine consist of a Radar, Fashion, and Style pages. There is also a Nylon Guy magazine who has featured Joseph Gordon Levitt from 5oo Days of Summer. Nylon magazine has gives readers insight on new fasions and up and coming atists such as the Vivian Girls form their latest issue the Indie Spotlight. Nylon is noted for it's bright and bold colors and simple statments. Nylon is read all over the world from Okinawa to Austria.

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