Lee Klabin




Lee Klabin is a high-end brand with an artistic edge and understanding of the fashion forward woman. The AW-2010/11 collection marked the introduction of Lee Klabin’s RTW collection into the market, in London in February 2010. This is to be followed by a celebration of her couture beginnings at Paris Couture Fashion Week in July. Internationally, the full S/S 2011 ready-to-wear collection will be launched at London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week this September/October. This will complete the brand’s 2010 launch campaign. Lee Klabin, the designer and founder of Blue Poppy Couture decided to move to the next step and launched the brand ‘Lee Klabin’ designing both a Ready to Wear and bridal collection for the beginning of 2010. With an indepth understanding of the real woman, their needs and concerns, Lee Klabin evolved and adapted complex corset constructions into her first AW2010/11 Ready to Wear collection.

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