J.Crew Group Inc. is an American clothing, shoe and accessories retailer based in New York City, New York. J. Crew debuted in 1983 with the mailing of its first catalog. Six years later, the company opened a flagship store at New York's South Street Seaport. Today, the business includes retail and outlet stores nationwide and an ever-growing online and catalog business. The company's retail website, launched in 1996, features online-only products, as well as catalog and retail items. In 2003, Millard "Mickey" Drexler joined J. Crew as Chairman and CEO, pushing service, quality and innovation to the next level. The company partners with the finest global fabric mills and craftsmen-as well as with iconic brands such as Jack Purcell�, Timex�, Thomas Mason� and Red Wing� (to name just a few). J. Crew has also introduced several line extensions, including crewcuts (for kids ages 2-14), J. Crew Weddings and Parties and the J. Crew Collection (featuring exclusive and limited-edition pieces with couture-level details). J.Crew continues its retail expansion with a series of new specialty boutiques. Two men's-only stores in downtown Manhattan-The Liquor Store and The Men's Shop-are filled with a curated selection of J. Crew must-haves, limited-edition items, vintage finds and a Suiting Shop. No. 1035 is the exclusive Madison Avenue women's shop dedicated to the Collection label, plus one-of-a-kind products and vintage pieces. In addition, a crewcuts store was recently opened on Madison Avenue and a dedicated jewelry and accessories shop was added to the Prince Street store. The first ever J.Crew Bridal boutique opened it�s doors in May 2010 at 769 Madison Avenue in New York City.

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