JACOB Connexion




Jacob Connexion is the casual/weekend branch of Jacob known for its quality and comfort. Jacob Connexion include a wide range of trendy and classic jeans, polo shirts, essential items, Capri pants and sweatshirts. Jacob Connexion clothing is inspired from European designs. The smallest size is 2 and ranges up to 14. Like the "regular" Jacob store, tops are sized XS to L. Jacob Connexion opened in 1998 under the name Jacob Annexe. In 2003 the name was changed to Jacob Connexion. Jacob Connexion stores are often located in “power centers” for easy car and public transit access. Jacob Connexion's target demographic is 25-35 year old women.

6125, chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1C8 Canada
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