Hiroko Koshino




The Orient� being the concept of the collection traditional Japanese �lki�, which means stylish, unites with western modernism bringing out fashion with a sense of existence in fashion cultures. Koshino's overall business, as of 1997, was estimated to generate $100 million a year. Clothes under her label, distributed through 200 stores in Japan, sold more in that country than products marketed under many other well-known global designer names. Although she has long had global recognition�Koshino was one of the first Japanese designers to show her collections in Rome and in Shanghai, for example�she spent the late 1990s focusing on her native Japanese market. She closed her Paris-based shop and discontinued showing Paris collections after more than a decade as a fixture there while continuing to show in Japan, not only in Tokyo but in other Japanese cities such as Osaka. In 2002, Koshino expects to launch a new perfume line, which, since it is being developed in Paris, may lead the designer to reintroduce her collections in France.

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